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November 16th, 2017, 12:27 am


Hey! Lets talk about Caboodle!

This probably comes off like im quitting but NO ITS NOT THAT AT ALL. i just wanted a news post to talk about some plans for caboodle since it will come back soonish :3

So. First off, while caboodles art style is cute and quick, i dont know if i want to continue with it or make it more detailed-more like my standard art style. Im kind of super conflicted on this-as well as making the pages full colour-but i suppose ill do a test of it to see if i like it and to see if you guys like it!

The second order of business here is that i need to make money somehow-my town has like. no job options, and my current commission-based job isnt really good enough(especially with the very delayed months long wait on payments :\). So i think after caboodle is back and updating frequently for a while im going to open a patreon where you can pay a few bucks to get looks at previews, thumbnails, future chapter plans and caboodle pages! Im still working it out but im getting there.

i would love to get caboodle updating twice a week consistently, so look forward to that :P

either way thats all i have to say at the moment, caboodle has no set return date but lets hope it comes back soon <3

(thank you guys for putting up with my bullshit ;u;)

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